How Do You Say Sports in Spanish

To say sports in Spanish, you would use the word ‘deportes’. For example, you could say “Me gustan los deportes” which means “I like sports”.

Whether you’re a fan of baseball, basketball, football, or any other sport, you can find a way to enjoy it in Spanish. Here are some key phrases to get you started: ¿Cómo se dice…?

– How do you say…? Me gusta el/la… – I like the… Jugar – To play

El/la equipo – The team Un partido – A game / match He perdido la cuenta de los partidos que he visto.

– I’ve lost count of the games I’ve seen. Nunca he jugado al … – I’ve never played … Mi deporte favorito es … – My favorite sport is …

El/la campeón(a) – The champion Fue un empate. – It was a draw.

10 Sports in Spanish

In Spanish, the word for “sport” is deporte. Here are 10 popular sports in Spanish-speaking countries: 1. Fútbol (soccer) – This is by far the most popular sport in Spanish-speaking countries.

It’s played at all levels, from amateur to professional. 2. Béisbol (baseball) – Though not as popular as soccer, baseball is still widely played and followed in many Spanish-speaking countries. 3. Baloncesto (basketball) – Basketball enjoys a large following in Spain and other parts of Latin America.

Many top professional players hail from these regions. 4. Tenis (tennis) – Tennis is also quite popular in Spain and other Hispanic countries. Rafael Nadal, one of the world’s top tennis players, is from Spain.

5. Golf – Golf has a growing popularity in many Spanish-speaking nations, especially among the business community and upper class citizens.

How Do You Say Sports in Spanish


What is the Word for Sports in Spanish

Deportes is the word for sports in Spanish. This word can be used to refer to any type of sport, from professional leagues to pickup games. Whether you’re talking about baseball, basketball, football or soccer, the word deportes will cover it.

How Do You Say “I Like to Play Sports” in Spanish

Cuando era niña, solía jugar muchos deportes. Mi deporte favorito era el fútbol, pero también me gustaba jugar al béisbol, baloncesto y voleibol. Jugaba en equipos organizados y con mis amigos en el vecindario.

Ahora que soy adulta, todavía me gusta mantenerme activa jugando algunos de estos mismos deportes. El ejercicio es importante para la salud general, y los deportes son una excelente manera de mantenerse activo.

What is the Word for “Athlete” in Spanish

The word for “athlete” in Spanish is “deportista”.

How Do You Say “Soccer” in Spanish

Soccer, or fútbol as it is called in Spanish, is a hugely popular sport in Spain and many other Spanish-speaking countries. The word fútbol comes from the Latin word for foot, so literally translated, soccer means “to play with your feet.” In Spain, soccer is the number one sport, and fans can be found rooting for their favorite teams in bars and cafes across the country on game day.

While “soccer” is the most common English translation of the word fútbol, it actually doesn’t have a one-to-one equivalent in Spanish. In fact, depending on which Spanish-speaking country you’re in, you might hear the sport referred to as fútbol or futbolito (in Mexico), futsal (in Argentina), or even just football (as in Chile). No matter what you call it, though, there’s no doubt that soccer is a beloved pastime in Hispanic culture.

So if you find yourself watching a match with some Spanish friends, make sure to use the correct term for the sport depending on where you are!

What is the Word for “Basketball” in Spanish

How Do You Say “Baseball” in Spanish

In Spanish, the word for baseball is “béisbol.” Baseball is a popular sport in many Spanish-speaking countries, and it has been played in Latin America since the 19th century. The first professional baseball league in Latin America was founded in Cuba in 1878.

Today, there are professional baseball leagues in several countries, including Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

Sports in Spanish | Spanish Learning for Kids


Overall, it is clear that there are many different ways to say sports in Spanish. It all depends on the context and the specific sport being referred to. With a little bit of practice, anyone should be able to master these phrases in no time.

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